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Big Mike Fix It is a handyman service company who sends a qualified craftman for an estimate to homeowners needing small to medium jobs/ projects, repairs and maintenance. All of your home improvements needs will be taken care of with one phone call..
Frequently Asked Questions​
My faucet drips some times do you fix that?
The most likely cause of a dripping faucet is a scratched or torn o-ring.​

Have low water pressure in my sink do you fix that?​​
Modern water faucets are design to conserve water. In order to do this they almost always use as aerator, a small disc of mesh through the which the water must flow.The small holes in the mesh become clogged.

​​How hard is it to replace a two handle sink faucet with a single model unit?
The plumbing industry has standardized faucet dimensions, this means almost any single handle model you choose can replace your current two handle model.

The back of my toilet is always leaking do you fix that?
You will have to squeeze yourself behind the toilet to find where the leak is coming from. There are two place to check. First one, is the supply line from the tank. The second, is where the tank attaches to the bowl.

What can i put down my garbage disposal?
The average household garbage disposal is not a replacement for a trash can.​​​ A garbage disposal should never be expected to handle more then a few remnants of left over food. Rinse off your nightly dinner plates.

I always hear running water in my toilet do you fix that?
A constantly running toilet can actually be caused by something as simple as having set the fill valve to high. The fill valve is the on/off switch for the water in the tank of your toilet.​​​

​​I hear trickling noise between flushes do you fix that?
If you hear a trickling noise coming from your toilet, its leaking. A leak can come from several different places on your toilet. A worn out flapper is a pretty common cause​ and sometimes it could also be a bad or corroded overflow pipe.
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